About Iman

If my office walls could talk, they’d say: “Well, that was wild.” And here’s why.

I began at TrainSignal – an online IT education startup – in 2007 with just 10 other employees and a forecast of $2.3M in revenue for the year. I was quickly promoted to Director of Sales & Support, then Director of Sales & Marketing, and finally to President in 2012. The size of my office didn’t change; but my focus did. I narrowed in on all-things sales, customer service, marketing, and development.

We moved swiftly and smartly; which is how we made Inc. Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies In America” six years in a row.

I soon hired our first-ever Director of Technology who assembled a 15-person team of skilled developers. With this as our backbone, we moved forward with creating a marketing/customer acquisition plan to transform our business model from DVDs to a subscription-based plan so that IT professionals could stream our library of courses online.

That’s when things really started to happen. By this point, TrainSignal had become a 60-person fleet and a one-stop shop for CTOs and CIOs alike. Developer training platform Pluralsight took notice and liked what they saw. In August 2013, they acquired us for a sum of $23.6M as they poised to dominate the IT education market.

I’ve contributined to publications like The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, The NY Post, Crain’s Business, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and more.


You can reach me at: iman@imanjalali.com

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