We Shouldn’t Need DonorsChoose

The fact that the U.S. needs a site like DonorsChoose is quite embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong I love the site and am regularly supporting different projects, but it’s obvious that classrooms aren’t being funded enough by the government to give a quality education to all students across the country.

DonorsChoose was started about ten years ago and they’ve helped raise over $100 million dollars helping over 6 million students. Now think about this… the war in Iraq was costing us about $500 million dollars a DAY. Our war in Afghanistan is costing us about $200-300 million dollars a DAY. One can only imagine how amazing our educational system would be if we spent anywhere near that money on education. Sad how the gov’t is spending money on weapons, while I’m sitting here at home making a donation, so a kid in Chicago could have basic essentials so he/she can learn how to read and write. WTF.

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